Our Story


Hey! I'm Charles, a Brit living in France for the past nine years, and now the proud owner of Chariteas Tearoom in La-Charité-sur-Loire.


At Chariteas, everything is made in-house by hand and our traditionally British cakes and sandwiches are prepared on a daily basis using fresh and local ingredients.


When it comes to food, my mum had a large influence on me in the kitchen when I was growing up. We would bake cakes and pastries together from when I was as young as five and I always talked about being a chef, which never came to light, but my love for baking never faded.


I grew up in rural England, near Sandringham, where my mum worked for the Queen as a linen maid, mending fabrics and clothes for the family and tending to guests. I suppose I learned a lot of my crafting skills from her (love a bit of sewing, but I've forgotten how to knit).


Us Brits are rather fussy when it comes to tea, so I've carefully selected our supplier 'The Tea Makers of London' to provide you with a wide variety of high-quality loose teas and advice to ensure you get the best brew to go with your slice of cake.


I'm looking forward to you joining us for a spot of lunch, afternoon tea with a scone, or maybe even a knitting afternoon? Your suggestions are very welcome!


See you very soon,


Charles xox